farmhouse & such.

a year ago, we moved again. & this story is even better than the last one.

My husband’s faith amazes me. He has always been one to obey God against circumstances that would push the average man to say no. He’s challenged me to trust harder in the Holy Spirit’s leading and in the promises of God.

In the fall of 2015, Lee suddenly woke from a dream in which God told him, “Change paths NOW.” I remember him waking up from this dream, fully aware that it was time for him to leave his well-paid full-time youth ministry position. Not normally the kind of position most pastors feel they are being called out of, but for Lee it was clear. We spent time in prayer, then shortly after he submitted his resignation.  Did I mention I was pregnant?

In the  ———— OK. Everything before these dotted lines was written in the winter of 2016. Sometimes it just takes a while for me to get a task done, okay? :)

I don’t remember what I was planning on writing, but that won’t stop me from telling this story!

After his resignation, Lee was able to focus his time and energy on ministry with church plant started in the late 2000s. We were able to serve the community, share the Gospel with many people, and encourage believers in the faith.

To supplement our income Lee started looking for part-time work. It all changed with a dog. I call Sluggo an impulse buy, but nevertheless she ended up in our home. She was a 4-year-old bull dog and was as bull-headed as they come.

Around the same time, Lee set up a profile on LinkedIn and started looking for old friends. He found an old roommate and noted that the roommate had gone on to start a very successful dog food company. Lee reached out with a request for some free dog food and a job. He got both.

Months later that job led to another job offer; A pick your adventure if you will. The offer stood, “Pick where you’d like to work, and I’ll create a sales position for you.”

For about a year before this time, we had been praying and seeking God about a move to Tennessee. We felt the call to go, visited a small town in East TN, fell in love with a house, bought said house, and began making plans to go east.

Leaving our friends and family in San Diego was an incredibly difficult thing to do. We lived among a community of people who supported each other, rooted for each other and loved each other well. The heartache of goodbye and the anticipated longing/loneliness was a reality that no party wanted to face. Yet in the measure of obedience vs comfort, we packed our things and drove away from the sand&sea into a new horizon.

After 3 days of driving, a crazy day of closing, and a trip to buy a blow up mattress and sheets, we walked into our new home – the farmhouse.

————- Hey – me again. Everything written before these dotted lines and after the aforementioned dotted lines were written in January of 2020. Today is May 10 (at least its the same year)!

We still have the blow up mattress, which will be slept on in about 4 weeks, the night before we sell this home and return to San Diego. BUT, that’s another story for another day. First, let’s finish this. And just a warning, you are about to experience nearly 4 years of my life in just a few posts.

Actually, nevermind, let’s end this one here and change paths, if you will.