big house.

When my husband and I married, we moved into his 1 bedroom apartment in the middle of a small downtown neighborhood. Neither of us minded the close quarters or the noise or even having to circle the block a few times to find parking.

About a year later, our oldest was born and we made a goal to move before he turned 6 months old. It changed to one year. To whenever we were able to afford it. Then I got pregnant with numero dos. Our apartment felt much smaller once the crib moved out to the living room and a new crib into our bedroom- yet there was no move in sight.

And yet, we’ve moved! Into a two-bedroom home with a den, a backyard, and a garage.

Our little big boy has deemed it, “big house.” And it is a big house.

It’s in times like these that I am in awe of the big God we serve. We make plans in the best of our abilities, but yet God’s ways are higher than our own.

The best of our abilities were to plan to look for a two-bedroom apartment in San Diego. To be able to afford it my man would work full-time, while continuing to do ministry for our church and the homeless. I would work full-time. We would take turns caring for our two children, working opposite schedules.

God’s plan was for the Mr. to leave his job, care for our children and do ministry from home. It was for someone to buy our car, payoff that loan and for someone to give us a van. It was for someone to need help renovating a home and inviting us to live there for well-below market value. It was to have our children have an area to live and grow, run and play.

Maybe my plans would have allowed us to continue getting by, but I’m thankful that God knows the exact needs of us all and that he takes such good care of us.

As I continue to put my trust in God, the easier it becomes; God continues to prove His ability to provide and His deep care for His children.

What a big God we serve!


Intended Post Date of November 2015



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