a starting point.

I know introductions are crucial to the story. They draw the reader in and set the tone. Unfortunately, my mind doesn’t work in a way that allows me to know where to start. And often, it doesn’t know where to go. I know I won’t get a chance to make a second first-impression, but this is probably a more accurate impression of who I am anyways.

I married the man of my dreams (quite literally) in the summer of 2012. My husband is a great man. Really, ask anyone who knows him. We’ve had a good marriage. I have been very fortunate to love a man who honors God with his life and who chose me to be his partner in that life. I am also the blessed mother of one amazing toddler and a little (read: giant chunk) cutie.

Welcome to my blog. I’m not sure of its purpose yet, but it’s here for us to enjoy together. Maybe I’ll post cute pictures of my kids. Or stories from our adventures. Recipes are unlikely. Social commentaries even less. It will likely sit untouched for months at a time, then be flooded with updates when I’m feeling a creative rush.

Whatever happens with this thing, I thank you for stickin’ with me.

Conclusions are another one of my weaknesses. Enjoy! :)